In collaboration with Action World, we are proud to present "Zombie Lasergame,": a unique team experience that combines the classic laser game with our voracious DYSTOPIA zombies. As participants, you are frightened out of your wits while fighting against each other for survival. There are different scenarios: capture the flag, where the mission is to infiltrate the enemy base. Amid the chaos, avoid being eaten by zombies and other monsters from your worst nightmare while trying to keep your head cool enough not to be shot by the enemy. We guarantee fun, palpitations, and lots of adrenaline! The event can be held in our defunct factory in Mørkedalen on the outskirts of Vejle, which forms a fantastic setting for a post-apocalyptic zombie scenario. It is also possible to get a complete package of zombies out at a desired location. Contact us if you would like the experience of a lifetime!

Photo: Tina Liv
Photo: Tina Liv
Photo: Tina Liv


Imagine fighting for survival with a bow and arrow - against foaming zombies! That's Zombie Bowtag. It is possible to fight on two teams against each other and with the zombies as a scary element, or one team against the zombies, where you, e.g., must run through an area. Zombie Bowtag can be experienced on our outdoor or indoor courts at our defunct factory in Mørkedalen in Vejle, or at your place. Contact us for an offer here.

Photo: Henriette Klausen
Photo: Andrés Baldursson


Horror stories are an ancient tradition that to this day still helps to set the framework for an eerily good evening - and sleepless nights ... Our storyteller comes to visit with his Dark Book, filled with the cruelest and horrible stories from where YOUR local area! He has brought some of the scary characters from the stories with him. They move around among the audience and touch the audience as the stories unfold. Who dares sit down? Have you heard the story of the scarecrow who came to life and took revenge on his creators? Or about the figure who has a macabre relationship with his victims? Interested? Contact us for more information.


Dystopia Entertainment offers several different types of lectures and is happy to go out to companies, educational institutions, etc. Lectures can also take place in our factory complex on the outskirts of Vejle. Topics: Means - how we scare our guests Hear how we design our horror events and get an insight into the means and thoughts behind the horror. (Suitable for horror enthusiasts)

Research-based horror Hear how we use new Danish research to scare our guests. Acquisition: Book horror researcher Ph.D. Mathias Clasen from Aarhus University and get the researchers' perspective and new knowledge (Suitable for educational institutions)

DYSTOPIA's history How did four people create Denmark's most frightening haunted house? In this lecture, you will be taken back to the very beginning seven years ago. Hear about the development - the progress and the challenges along the way (Suitable for entrepreneurs)

Volunteer life blood How to get hundreds of volunteers to gather around a horror project. How to create a community where many different types can meet and flourish? Get an insight into the DYSTOPIA family. (Suitable for organizations with volunteers)

Get a tailor-made lecture Is there anything special you would like to hear about? Contact us, and we will examine whether it is possible. Contact us for a non-binding offer. - We are flexible.

Easter Bunny - UTOPIA Egg Hunt Easter


Come along for an enchanting egg hunt in the magical land of UTOPIA; it’s teeming with creatures from fairytales! In UTOPIA, everything is fun and good, and here you can meet the Easter chicken, the turtle, and many other fun, crazy and loving characters. However, the Easter bunny has lost many eggs with candy and chocolate. The eggs are now hidden in the forest floor, and the Easter bunny needs your help to collect them all! Will you help? The egg hunt can be adapted to 20-500 children and lasts approx. one hour. In addition, we have a lot of Easter games and activities that the children can participate in before / after the egg hunt. Contact us for more info.


Come along on a treasure hunt with Captain Redbeard and help him find the treasure. It's full of candy! The captain has found an ancient treasure map, which has belonged to Captain Claw. The map shows the way to a fantastic treasure - however, it is torn to pieces. The skeleton of Captain Claw must now be assembled to find the rest of the pieces of the map. Therefore, Captain Redbeard must have the children's help to find all the bones at the posts along the route. The treasure hunt can be adjusted from 10 to 50 children and can be adjusted to take 1-1.5 hours.
Contact us for more info.

Treasure Hunt - Captain Redbeard
Santa Clause, Mrs Clause and christmas elfs


Santa Clause, Mrs. Clause, and the Christmas elves love to give gifts to the nice children. Santa’s Christmas bag is always filled with gifts – it is magical! But beware of the Christmas elves! They can be tricksters! Contact us for more info.