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Slotssøbadet in Kolding
Friday March 19th 2021

In 1788, a ship sank in Kolding Fjord. Unfortunately, some of the dead sailors have returned.

Experience the scary dark cellars, turned into a horror labyrinth, haunted by the wretches that have crawled out of the cold waters of Kolding Fjord to get revenge...

Friday March 19th at 20.00-23.00.

10-15 years: 75 kr. Adult: 100 kr.

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The events below are completed!

Thanks to all the participants. We hope to see you soon for another event.


Vejle Pedestrian Street
October/November 2020
NOTE: The event is over!

In collaboration with City Vejle, Dystopia helps decorate for Halloween in Vejle 2020. Vejle will be decorated in the best "Day of the Dead" style. There will be exciting pop-up events, and creepy characters will be in the pedestrian zone. The shops will be adorned with "papel picado" and a festive "Day of the Dead" colors and ballad. Read more heer.


Tivoli Friheden
Week 42 Oct. 10th-18th 2020

NOTE: The event is over!

The Haunted Hotel Do you dare to visit Marinus' famous Hotel Friheden, which has not been in use since 1920? This October marks the 100th anniversary of the bloody massacre, where Pierrot, according to rumors, went crazy with an ax. He slaughtered both guests and staff, and when the police arrived, it was too late - no one had been spared… Oddly enough, the earthly remains have never been found. The anniversary of the massacre has apparently awakened the spirits of the Axe Murderer Pierrot and his victims, who are doomed to repeat their last cruel day over and over again. Since the massacre, Tivoli Friheden has unsuccessfully tried to use the premises - most recently as a restaurant Spiseriet. But time and time again, guests and staff have fled in horror due to mysterious incidents. Can you help give the spirits achieve peace so that Tivoli Friheden can reopen the Dining Room? Do you dare to relive the massacre on your own? Read more here.

THE DELUSION FACTORY This Halloween, we welcome you inside a hustle and bustle of horror as insane carnival artists chase you through a series of insane rooms. Walls and floors feel alive, and the wild sounds and lights make it hard to focus. Do you get through alive, or do you go crazy before you can find your way through the mirror maze? Read more here.

The age limit for the Haunted Hotel and The DELUSION FACTORY is 12 years or accompanied by an adult. Invite friends and family on Facebook here.


Randers Regnskov
Week 42 Oct. 10th-18th 2020
NOTE: The event is over!

Randers Regnskov and Dystopia invite you to the haunted "Hell's Kitchen" in Frilandsgården during the autumn holidays. In Hell's Kitchen, you meet the zombie chefs with an overwhelming hunger for children's screams. The question is: how bloody should your steak be?

The age limit is 12 years if you come alone and 10 years if you have a parent with you. Regardless of age, EVERYONE who visits Hell's Kitchen must wear a face mask.

Read more here.

Invite friends and family on Facebook here.


Odense ZOO
Week 42 Oct. 10th-18th 2020
NOTE: The event is over!

Halloween is celebrated in Odense ZOO during the autumn holidays with many fun activities for both children and adults. Explore the beautiful autumn colors and see the garden adorned with pumpkins, scarecrows, and much more. Visit Darwin's House, get dressed up as a ghost, or help crazy Professor Dyhr find a secret vaccine in this year's treasure hunt for children. Read more and buy tickets here.


Oct. 12th-18th 2020
Note the event is over!

FÆNGSLET, an old prison in Horsens, opens its gates and welcomes you to this year's Halloween throughout week 42. Bring the whole family and play with us when we celebrate the festive event. Experience FÆNGSLET when it is decorated in true Halloween style. This year there will be a limited number of tickets for sale to avoid large gatherings. Therefore, it is only possible to buy tickets online.ZOMBIE-WORKSHOP Get ready for Halloween with Dystopia Entertainment in their zombie workshop, where you first learn to put on zombie make-up, then some of your own clothes will be zombified, and finally, you learn to walk and behave like a zombie! HAUNTED HOUSE IN THE BASEMENT The really brave can go in the basement's haunted house, where the horror spreaders Dystopia Entertainment are housed. The basement's haunted house is recommended for children from 8 years and up. MONSTER MASK-WORKSHOP Monday to Friday until 14.00, you can make scary monster masks with the artist Phuc Van Dang. GRÆSKARUDSKÆRING True to tradition, there will be pumpkin carvings where you can test your creative abilities and bring the result home for decoration. Read more here. Invite friends and family on Facebook here.


Odense Bys Museer
September 13th and 14th 2019
Note the event is over!

Experience the most horrible and blood-dripping city walk in Odense's history. Embark on a gruesome journey through the city's streets and alleys, where the ghosts of the Vikings ravage a terrifying nightmare of war, pain, torture, and barbarism. Viking Horror Walk is a quivering, deadly, and dramatic event of approximately two hours duration that has not been seen before in Odense. Do you dare? Read more and book an appointment herer.


Cabinn Vejle
October 5th and 26th 2019
NOTE: The event is over!

Are you into horror, mystery, and surprises? Then the Horror Hotel for children and childish souls is just the thing for you! The Horror Hotel is haunted. It is located near the old fishing port in Vejle - so maybe you are lucky to meet one of the old fishermen who goes again ..... Age limit: +10 years