The Story

"The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown." - H. P. Lovecraft

THE GOVERNMENT has discovered a portal to another world at their former research center Dark Valley Research Facility. A thick sort of substance flows out of the portal. This dark substance, the researchers have named Dark Matter, seems almost alive and 'grows' along walls, ceilings, and floors - it is as if it defies gravity itself! Everything this mysterious substance touch is distorted, like a mixture of aging and corrosion.

Attempts to send humans, drones, and other robots through the portal have so far failed - nothing has returned. Testimonies from staff who have been in close contact with Dark Matter have been useless. People who touch the substance experience absurd delusions and terrible hallucinations. These unfortunate people are often terrified and extremely violent. They talk wildly about horrible monsters and situations that are impossible to exist. 

All attempts to contain the spread of Dark Matter have failed. THE GOVERNMENT sees it getting the substance contained as a top priority and figuring out what this Dark Matter consists of, where it originally came from, and, most importantly: how to stop it! As part of their intensified efforts, they are therefore recruiting new members for their Biohazard Containment Taskforce. These new recruits will be trained in handling dangerous substances and protection against them. Hopefully, they will be ready for the meeting with Dark Matter...

Photo: Jacob Papsø
Photo: Jacob Papsø
Photo: Jacob Papsø
Photo: Henriette Klausen
Photo: Tina Liv