DYSTOPIA Horror Run is a horror-based adventure run that takes place in Mørkedal Forest on the outskirts of Vejle. Runners are sent in groups in the period of time at noon. 20 to 23.

Dark Dalsvej 28, 7100 Vejle, Copenhagen

Saturday d. 24 August 2019

Where can I buy tickets?

Tickets can be purchased online Here Or in the door if it is not sold out.

How much do the tickets cost?

Ticket prices are as follows:

5 km away
Early Bird-260 kr.
July-335 DKK
August-385 DKK
In the door-450 kr.

1 mile
Early Bird-175 kr.
July-225 DKK
August-275 DKK
In the door-300 kr.

What's Horror Run going on?

Dystopia Horror Run is a horror-based adventure run for people who love thrill and adrenaline. As a participant, you will be involved in a horrific post-apocalyptic world teeming with thinning zombies, mutants, and other creatures from your worst nightmares.

There are 2 possible routes:

5 km run
Our "classic" 5 km exercise through forest and in a hilly terrain where you are fed on the fitness, as well as the psyche, and pressed to the extreme. Which runs on the 5 km route you get 3 lives in the form of plastic strips, which are placed in the trouser edge. Each of these lives corresponds to 5 minutes which are deducted from the race time by objective. The zombies will try to take these lives from you, so avoid getting in close contact with them-if you can! There will also be various obstacles, effects and challenges along the way.

1 mile Walk
The shorter route is less physically challenging but, like the 5km route, has a full focus on shocks and creepy.

There are different things included in the ticket, depending on which route you choose. Read more under ' What's included in the Horror Run ticket? '.

What is included in the Horror Run ticket?

5 km run

  • Access to scary exercise
  • Start number
  • Electronic timing
  • 3 "Life"
  • Luminescent Bracelets
  • Water bottle
  • Prizes for fastest runners

1 mile Walk

  • Access to the scary horror walk
  • Start number
What payment options are in the door?

We receive cash, Mobile Pay, VISA/Dancard and MasterCard in the door.

Are there other transport options than car?

The following buses go from Vejle Traffic Centre:

  • 7th: Get off at the Stop Lupinvej (Vejle).
  • 11: Get off at the stop Ribe Landevej v Ilder kærvej.
  • 207: Get off at the stop Ribe Landevej v Ilder kærvej.
  • 210: Get off at the stop Ribe Landevej v Ilder kærvej.
Are there parking options?

Due to the running route, parking is not available at startup. Instead, we refer to parking spaces at the DGI house Vejle on Willy Sørensen's Pl. 5 Where free parking is available on Saturdays or the small parking area of Ribe Landevej 169.
An obvious opportunity to warm up before the race.

Is it possible to buy food and drinks?

It will be possible to buy drinks and refreshments.

How are the toilet facilities?

Toilets are available at the factory (start and end).

Is it in Danish or English?

The actors speak English, but of course we have Danish-speaking staff in the start/finish area.

Is there an age limit?

Due to disturbing and frightening elements there is an age limit of 13 years.

Can you get drunk/affected?

People who are intoxicated, or in other ways influenced, cannot participate in the race.

Can you take pictures and/or record video?

Photos can be taken and video recorded, and it is very much to be shared on social media.

What are smoking conditions?

There is a smoking shed at start/end. Smoking is not permitted elsewhere.

What are the safety conditions?

Triangle brand, your heart's fitness club and guards will be present on the route to ensure safety.

Can pregnant women and people with epilepsy and heart problems participate?

The route is challenging and there will be elements of loud sound, strobely and shock elements. The race is therefore not suitable for pregnant women, people with epilepsy or heart problems.

Are the actors touching me?

There may be touch, but as a starting point, the actors only go after your "lives".

Can I touch the actors?

The actors must not be touched unless they even invite them. Violation of this rule may result in you being thrown out of the race.

Which shoe and outerwear should I wear?

Clothes and shoes must fit into running in rough terrain. You might get blood on your clothes and run through water. Running clothes and shoes are recommended and generally suitable for the weather.

Can you get dressed?

Yes, you should come in disguise. If you are more together, we recommend that you come dressed in the same theme. However, practical attire is most important.