Lecture on Haunted Castle

Wednesday, February 5 at 17-19. Dystopia Entertainment and Koldinghus invite you to an evening with three presentations. Hear about who the real Jørgen Arenfeldt and Caspar Markdanner were, what makes the vampire one of the most fascinating mythological creatures, and how to convey historical events using horror. “Several young virgins have been found killed in the streets of Kolding, completely drained of blood and with bite marks on their necks. Who or what is behind this series of unexplained murders? To investigate the case, the city council has summoned the infamous witch hunter Jørgen Arenfeldt. He has gone to Koldinghus to consult with vassal Caspar Markdanner, who recently returned from the crusades in the Far East with the bodily remains of a saint.” This is the story behind this year’s Haunted Castle at Koldinghus. At the event this evening, you will get answers to the following questions: - Who were the real Jørgen Arenfeldt and Caspar Markdanner? - What makes the vampire one of the most fascinating mythological creatures? - How do you convey historical events using horror?

PROGRAM: 17.00 – 17.30 "The Vassal and the Witch Hunter the historical figures behind this year’s Haunted Castle": - Presentation by historian at Koldinghus, Michael Nobel Jakobsen.

​17.30 – 18.00 “The vampire myth and the occult meaning of blood”: - Presentation by vampire expert and psychologist, Martin Jensen. ​18.00 – 18.15 Coffee break ​18.15 – 18.45 “Horror as a communication tool”: - Presentation by Architect of Fear from Dystopia Entertainment, Jonas Bøgh.

Did you know that ... INTERACTIVE TOTAL TEATERE ... 200 volunteers are behind Haunted Castle? ... horror and interactive theater are an excellent tool for conveying history? ... you can experience places at Koldinghus that are otherwise closed to the public? MYTHOLOGY and LITERATURE ... the first vampire, was Adam's first wife - and that she was before Eve? ... literature's first vampire count is almost 90 years older than Dracula? ... Dracula was born the same year as Frankenstein? ... history's worst serial killers came from Europe's nobility? ... blood has an important occult significance in many of the world's largest religions? ... the European nobility has a reputation for using human blood in occult rituals? ... The devil is said to be an enemy of the blood? ... The devil must use a man's blood to gain control of his soul? HISTORY ... According to many legends, Caspar Markdanner was an illegitimate son of Christian III and a cobbler's daughter from the village of Andst, west of Kolding? ... Caspar Markdanner is the longest-serving vassal at Koldinghus ever? ... Caspar Markdanner was 59 when he married the only 15-year-old Sophie Oldeland? ... Jørgen Arenfeldt is the greatest witch hunter in Danish history? ... Jørgen Arenfeldt's witch hunt started after not having burned a witch in Denmark in the previous 30 years? ... Jørgen Arenfeldt used illegal methods and torture during his interrogations of the accused witches?

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