A number of young virgins have been found killed in the streets of Kolding, completely drained of blood and with bite marks on their necks. Who or what is behind this series of unexplained murders? There are whispers about which creature is behind these horrific and terrible actions. Fear has infiltrated the entire city and the citizens of Kolding are in revolt.

Follow us back to the end of the 16th century and solve the mystery.

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Photo: Tomas Vahlkvist

THE CONCEPT When darkness falls over Koldinghus, the spirits of the past emerge and haunt the old royal castle. Experience the horror of Haunted Castle as you are led through the history of the haunted castle. The story is brought to life through horror-based, interactive total theatre by using specially designed sound, lights, decorations, and actors in stunning costumes and special effects. As a participant, you are the main character in your own Gothic horror film, where you are tasked with investigating a series of gruesome events at the castle. The experience lasts about an hour and a half. Participants are led around the castle through a series of eerie rooms and installations in groups of approx. 10 people. If you arrive in small groups, you will be put together with other participants. At the Haunted Castle, the focus is on horror, mystery, atmosphere, collaboration, and puzzle-solving. Experience the historical events at Koldinghus through horror. Read about the concept and find practical info here.

THE GUESTS SAY We have received a lot of positive feedback from the guests for our performance and premiere weekend. Read some of them here and watch the video: "It was an amazing experience!" "It was wild! It was really cool!" "I think it was super immersive" "You are constantly on guard." "The story itself is super good!"

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Haunted Castle - The History Repeats Itself teaser