Frequently Asked Questions

Here you find answers for the frequently asked questions and other informations.

Mørkedalsvej 28, 7100 Vejle.

Every Friday and Saturday from the last weekend of September and through October, as well as 3 days in the Autumn Break. Times and tickets are found here.

Opening hours are 6.30 pm to 11.30 pm. See times here.

You can buy presale tickets online here or at the door if not sold out. Tickets cost 50 DKK more at the door.

The prices are (online / at the door):

  • STANDARD – 185 DKK / 235 DKK
  • INTENSE – 210 DKK / 260 DKK
  • HALLOWEEN – 235 DK / 285 DKK
  • 10% discount for groups of 20+. Contact us for more information.

  • INTENSE is for persons who want a scarier and more intense experience! Most of the lights will be turned off and visitors will use head lamps to walk through the haunt. Furthermore we will increase the scare-factor and effects and the actors will touch and grab you!
  • HALLOWEEN is our grand finale for the season where we will have activities such as lectures, happenings etc. More details to be announced.

We take cash, Mobile Pay, VISA credit card and MasterCard.

The following busses leave from Vejle Traffic Center:

  • Route 7: Get off at Lupinvej (Vejle)
  • Route 11: Get off at Ribe Landevej v Ilderkærvej
  • Route 207: Get off at Ribe Landevej v Ilderkærvej

There are parking facilities at the location for cars and busses.

We will sell beverages and refreshments.

There are toilets at the location.

Yes. Due to disturbing and scary elements there is an age limit of 13.

No. People who are drunk or under the influence of substances will not be allowed into the haunt.

No. It is not permitted to take pictures or record video in the haunt. Taking pictures and recording video is permitted outside the haunt.

It is not permitted to smoke in the haunt or waiting area, but we do have a smoking zone outside.

Due to disturbing elements, animals are not allowed in the haunt.

The haunt has been approved by the Fire- and Construction Departments of Vejle Kommune. There will be guards at the entrance and helpers placed inside the haunt. There will also be emergency personal on location in case of accidents.

The haunt takes places on several floors with staircases and is therefore not accessable by wheelchair.

There will be elements of loud sound, strobe lights and chock. The haunt is therefore not suited for pregnant, people with epilepsia or heart problems.

On standard evenings, light touching can occur. For our extra scary events INTENSE, the actors WILL touch you!

No. You cannot touch the scare actors unless they invite you to do so themselves. Breaking this rule can result in removal from the haunt.

You will walk on several different types of uneven surfaces, so we recommend regular shoes. The haunt takes place in an un-heated building, so dress for the Autumn weather. You will get warm quickly as you run for your life.

Due to safety, visitors are not allowed to wear costumes.

The entire experience will be in English, however there is service personnel on hand to assist with ticket sales, answer questions etc.